Q: What is a photo booth?

A: A photo booth is a stand alone unit that combines a camera, studio lighting and printer into a single, portable machine. The Hummingbird booth is very similar to the old-style photobooths found on boardwalks and in dime stores across America 50 years ago. However, the Hummingbird is completely digital, with the ability to print in full color or black & white. It is faster and more reliable than the old-style booths. Further, it is more portable, able to be set up virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Q: How does it work?

A: At the touch of a button, the booth begins a process of taking four perfectly-exposed photos, with a delay of 5 seconds between each shot. It then combines those pictures into a single strip of images, and sends that final image to a high-speed photo printer. The whole process, from start to finished print, takes less than a minute, and the only thing the user needs to do is press the button.

Q: How big is the photo booth?

A: The booth is normally set up to a size of 4-by-6 feet, with an additional two feet on the long side for the camera box. However, the size is adjustable and can fit in a smaller space if required. Please contact us if you have a question about size and placement.

Q: What colors are available?

A: The main booth is black, while the background and entrance come in a variety of colors. Please see the colors page for more information.

Q: Can I personalize the photo booth prints?

A: Yes! All photo booth prints include a personalized image at the top of the photo strip. This can be as simple as your name and the date, or we can include your personal or professional logo. This option is included in all photo booth packages, and is available at no extra charge.

Q: Can I get a CD of the images taken at my event?

A: Of course! You will receive a CD or DVD-ROM of all your images at the end of your event. This is part of all photo booth packages, and is available at no extra charge.

Q: How do I book a photo booth?

A: Call us or send an email to enquire about availability. Please see the rates and availability page for more information.

Q: I have already hired a photographer for my event, and their contract states that they are the only hired photographer. Will renting a photobooth violate the contract?

A: You should check with your photographer first, and ask them if they consider a photobooth to be a contract violation. Most photographers have no problem with a photobooth, but it's always a good idea to ask. A photobooth is more a form of entertainment than a photography service, and is no substitute for a dedicated photographer.

Further Questions:

Please call, txt, or email us with any further questions you might have. We will be more than happy to answer them for you.